Mes étudiants partagent !


I’m providing professional training for people around the world and I was so nervous at first. I wasn’t confident in my ability of speaking flutently and afraid of struggling too much, but Kristinia helped me to go through this in a fantastic way. Kristina is much more than a english teacher, she knows exactly what you need and she adapts accordingly. After a few lessons, I’m not scared anymore, I trust myself and I’m much more relaxed before giving a presentation. Can’t recommend enough!

Marc Lamberti

Kristina est une super professeure ! J’ai pu grâce à elle travailler mon anglais à mon rythme et je me sens beaucoup plus à l’aise quand je voyage à l’étranger.

Pascale Rivière

Je devais impérativement faire progresser mon anglais à cause d’un départ à l’étranger. Kristina a su mettre en place un programme me permettant de rapidement améliorer mon anglais ! Merci !


Kristina is a very good teacher. She’s patient and helped me learn a lot in just a few sessions. She boosted my confidence in order to speak a better English. I’m thankful for her help and I definitely recommend her classes.


What I liked: Freedom of subject of discussions, the open-mindedness of the conversations, exercises punctuated by conjugation, irregular verbs, alternating games.


Kristina is an affable, professional and highly trained professor.
It was proposed to me by the Language Center that I had chosen to improve my English spoken  preparation both in professional and personal.
My level of English has improved thanks to her methodology of preparation.
The individual lessons  have been the fastest way to improve my language skills, they have always been interesting and pleasant; we have dealt with many issues related to my job in a fun and comprehensive way. Also, we have expanded the knowledge to areas less professional but more practical for all real situations.

Although the home-work to be carried out is never pleasant for anyone, they were always light , natural and  never felt like a burden.
In the end I had a very nice experience with a competent professor, I recommend her very highly indeed for anyone who wants to improve their English in a competent and exhaustive way but even light, nice and always joyful.

Nous avions pris contact avec Kristina pour deux ateliers d’arts créatifs pendant les vacances de la Toussaint et notre fille de 5 ans et demi a adoré ! Nous avons poursuivi les ateliers tout au long de l’année et apprécions la bienveillance et la patience de Kristina. Les ateliers se déroulent sereinement, notre fille est très intéressée et apprend du vocabulaire en anglais autour du dessin et de la peinture.


Kristina, tu es une excellente professeur et ta méthode d’enseignement est exceptionnelle. J’ai appris plus avec toi en 4 leçons qu’en une année avec un organisme qui propose les cours avec les professeurs natifs Une vraie usine ou le professeur change à chaque cours sans aucun suivi ni méthode. Tes cours sont structurés, dynamiques et très enrichissants. Ne change rien 🙂


Kristina is very dedicated, she manages to get the attention of my 3 and 6 years old kids for a couple of hours through different fun activities (painting ,crafts …) while teaching them english. She adapts the lesson to each child needs and is very committed to teach them english. She is amazingly creative. The kids are very fund of her and looking forward for the lesson .


I liked your kindness and the way you always tried to adjust with my lack of homework, and what I was demanding you. I wanted to have the opportunity to work my English spoken and we have spoken a lot (I do feel more comfortable in my English speaking by the way!). I wanted to learn idioms and so did we. I was less interested in grammar and conjugaison but you did show me how important it was to know a bit more about it.
So thank you very much !